Kolomenskoye, Russia

Note that this Kolomenskoye, Russia is one of the former royal estates which is located several kilometers right to the southeast of city center Moscow, Russia. It is present on the ancient road which usually leads to town of Kolomna. This site is spread on 390 hectare scenic kind of area and you can also view the steep banks of Moskva River. It was in time of 1960s that this site became the part of Moscow. This Kolomenskoye village was first mentioned in year of 1339. This village has now been developed as one of the favorite country estates.

Then in 1532, a church was built in Kolomenskoye, Russia. It was the first stone church that was made in this royal estate. This church usually reached right toward the sky, it is in the low cross-shaped kind of podklet which is present on its ground floor. Then this church has a prolonged chetverik and present in an octagonal body shape. It has an octagonal tent and also crowned by tiny dome

Great looking wooden palace is the part of Kolomenskoye, Russia too. This palace has most fanciful as well as fairytale roofs. It has intricate corridors. It comprise of 250 rooms and marked as an Eighth Wonder of World.

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