Lake Baikal, Russia

Do visit this Lake Baikal, Russia. It is a rift lake and it is present in Russia. You will find it being located on this southern Siberia. It is in between Irkutsk Oblast towards the side of northwest and Buryat Republic towards southeast side. It is the largest one freshwater lake in terms of volume in whole world. It contains 22–23% amount of fresh surface water. Its total water volume is ‎23,615.39 km3 or you can say 5,670 cu mi.

This Lake Baikal, Russia average depth is ‎744.4 m or you can say 2,442 ft. Its basin countries are ‎Russia and Mongolia and it is from January till May months that this lake keep in the frozen shape. It is too the deepest lake in whole world. This lake has been marked as the world clearest lake. It is the world oldest one lake too, It is around 30 million years that this lake is present!

This Lake Baikal, Russia, it is a home of many and thousands number of of species of animals, plants. Its maximum length is 636 km (395 mi) and its maximum width is 79 km (49 mi). Its surface elevation is 455.5 m (1,494 ft).

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