Mount Elbrus, Russia

This Mount Elbrus, Russia is the  highest mountain so far in Europe. It is also the tenth most prominent one peak present in the world. It is a dormant volcano and it is present in these Caucasus Mountains ranges which are part of Southern Russia. This mountain consist of two summits and both of these summits are dormant kind of volcanic domes.

The taller one west summit of Mount Elbrus, Russia, it is of 5,642 metres and that makes 18,510 ft and its east summit is about 5,621 metres and that makes 18,442 ft. Do you know that its east summit was first of all ascended on the date of 10 July 1829 and on the other hand, its west summit was done in year 1874 by some British expedition. Its elevation is of 5,642 m, that means 18,510 ft and its prominence is up to 4,741 m, that means 15,554 ft.

The isolation of Mount Elbrus, Russia, it is  of 2,473 kilometres. This mount Elbrus, it was formed about more than and over 2.5 million years ago and this volcanic site is now considered to be dormant. Note that a descent of Elbrus, it takes about 3 to 6 hours.

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