Lake Ladoga, Russia

This Lake Ladoga, Russia is one of the freshwater lakes. It is located in Republic of Karelia and also Leningrad Oblast which is in northwestern Russia. This freshwater lake is in the vicinity of city Saint Petersburg. It is by far the largest lake in Europe. This freshwater lake is the 14th largest freshwater lake in terms of area factor in the world. Its catchment area is 276,000 km2 and the maximum length of this lake is 219 km. Then he maximum width of this lake is 138 km. And the surface area of this lake is 17,700 km2.

This Lake Ladoga, Russia, its average depth is exactly 51 m and maximum depth is this lake is 230 m. The water volume of this lake is 837 km3 and 5 meter is its surface elevation. This lake has rich quantity of fish in it. It has 48 forms of fish in it. On this lake, one of the commercial activities which used to do over here was fishing. But due to over fishing, this activity has been stopped.

It was after the war right between 1945–1954 that fishing is not much done in Lake Ladoga, Russia. Now we see increase of fish farms and also recreational fishing on this lake. This freshwater lake is of great beauty, catch the glimpse of it now!

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