Saint Isaac Cathedral, Russia

This Saint Isaac Cathedral, Russia is too called as Isaakievskiy Sobor. It is present in Saint Petersburg, Russia. It is one of the largest ones Russian Orthodox cathedral present in this city. It is too the largest, massive orthodox basilica and also the fourth largest, biggest in terms of volume cathedral in this world. It has been dedicated to the Saint Isaac of Dalmatia. Its interior length is 104.5 m and its exterior stairs length is 111.3 m. Its interior width is 91 m and its exterior stairs width is 97.6 m.


This Saint Isaac Cathedral, Russia interior area is 7,000 m²  and its exterior stairs area is 8,000 m² . Its maximum height is 101.5 m and it dome diameter is 25.8 m. It took almost 40 years to get completed. It was under the Montferrand’s direction that this cathedral construction got completed from the years of 1818 to 1858. To secure further the construction of this cathedral foundation, it was then strengthened by 25,000 piles.

This Saint Isaac Cathedral, Russia construction cost was 1 000 000 gold rubles. It was in 1931 that this cathedral was transformed into the Museum of History of Religion and Atheism. Then in year 1937, it was then transformed into museum of Cathedral. Because of fall of communism, this museum was later on removed, and then regular sort of worship activity got to be resumed in this cathedral.

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