London Bridge, England

This London Bridge, England has been spanned and spread right on this River Thames. It is in between the city of London and also Central London site that this bridge is situated. Its current one crossing opened for traffic in the time of 1973. This bridge is made of steel and also from concrete.

This London Bridge, England is currently standing on the western end site of Pool of London. It positioned at the height of 98 feet. This bridge is only the road crossing bridge if one has to pass and cross River Thames. This bridge depicted and used in all fields of art and literature.

Do you remember that poem and rhyme, London Bridge is falling, this rhyme depicts this London Bridge, England! This nursery rhyme has become the most popular rhyme of all times. This bridge maintained and too owned by Bridge house estates. This housing estate is an independent charity form. It is since medieval origin that Bridge House Estates had originated. So have you ever cross this bridge? Let us know your pleasant experiences.

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