Maracana, Brazil

This Maracana, Brazil is a football stadium. This football stadium is located and present in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is owned by this state government of Rio de Janeiro. Its field size is 105 m × 68 m and its surface is made of grass. It was in the time of 16 June 1950 and it was renovated during the years of 2000, 2006, 2013. Architect team of this football stadium comprises of Waldir Ramos, Raphael Galvao, and Miguel Feldman and also Oscar Valdetaro. It includes too Pedro Paulo B. Bastos and Orlando Azevedo as well as Antônio Dias Carneiro.

When Maracana, Brazil passed through this renovation phase during the year of 2010– 2013, then this rebuilt football stadium current one-seat number comes out to be 78,838. It is the largest stadium present in Brazil and it is by far the second largest one so far in South America.

This Maracana, Brazil host this FIFA world cup. In that world cup, Brazil was beaten by the score of 1-1. It was the time of 1950 and Brazil lost this match against Uruguay. So have you ever watched any football match in this stadium!

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