Meeting of Waters, Brazil

Know about Meeting of Waters, Brazil from here. This site is a confluence which is present between the dark Rio Negro and this pale sandy-colored kind of Amazon River. You will see the moving of dark water and white water on this site. It is for 6 km that this dark water and white water run side by side and they do not mix with each other. Do you know that this phenomenon also occurs and happens in the other regions of the world but with the differing characteristics of rivers? We too see this phenomenon in Amazon region.

Why does this phenomenon happen in Meeting of Waters, Brazil? Here is the reason. It is because of the differences in the factors of temperature and speed and it is because of difference in the water density of two rivers that this phenomenon usually occurs.

This Rio Negro, it flows with speed of 2 km per hour (1.2 mph) and that too at a temperature of 28 °C. On the other hand, Rio Solimoes, it flows in between the speeds of 4 and 6 km per hour and at a temperature range of 22 °C.

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