Millennium Bridge, London

The official name of Millennium Bridge, London is London Millennium Footbridge. Note that it is a kind of steel suspension bridge and it made for the pedestrians. If you want to cross this River Thames present in London, then you can use this bridge. This bridge right there located in between Southwark bridge as well as Blackfriars railway bridge. This bridge officially maintained and officially owned by Bridge house estates.

The construction of this Millennium Bridge, London started in the year of 1998, and then it opened to all public in the year of 2000. Its nickname is the Wobbly bridge. It has been given this nickname because pedestrians used to feel this swaying motion whenever they have to cross this bridge!

This Millennium Bridge, London got closed for two years because the specific number of modifications have to be carried out. Then it got reopened in the year 2002. The southern end of this bridge located close to the site of Global Theatre. This bridge consists of two river piers, and they are of 81 meters, 144 meter and 108 meters in their height. Its aluminum deck is of 4 meters in its width.

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