Moscow Kremlin, Russia

This Moscow Kremlin, Russia is also called as simply Kremlin. It is a sort if fortified complex which is present at the heart of Moscow. You can see Moskva River as well if you are this complex. Then you can visit Saint Basil’s Cathedral and also Red Square because these sites are located at a minimum distance from this site. This site Alexander Garden, it is located at the west side of this complex. It consist of five palaces and four cathedrals.

Moscow Kremlin, Russia is spread on 27.7 hectares area. It was up to the time of 14th century that this site was called with name of the grad of Moscow. It was in 1331 that this word Kremlin was given to this well known site. Its state Kremlin palace is build up right within the Kremlin walls during the years of 1959-61. On an external mode, this palace has been faced and packed with white marble. Its windows are tinted and too reflective.

This state Kremlin palace is made of ancient architecture elements which makes this palace to look more picturesque. The highest tower of Moscow Kremlin, Russia is Troitskaya and it has a height of 80 meters. It was build in 1495.

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