Motiongate, Dubai

Note that this Motiongate, Dubai is Hollywood inspired kind of theme park. It is present in Dubai, and it is one of the massively visited Dubai parks. Here in this park, you will find so much in the number of themed areas and also many attractions. This park based on the theme of Dreamworks Animation, Lionsgate as well as Columbia Pictures. You will find theme areas linked with The Smurfs too. This park opened on the date of 16th Dec 2016.

This Motiongate, Dubai site packed with many character appearances. Kids love to be in Smurfs village. Many annual events conducted over here. This park has been operated by Dubai parks and resorts. Its central one entrance area named as Studio Centre, and this area packed with many dining facilities and too shopping facilities.

Then this Motiongate, Dubai site comprises of Columbia Pictures area. In this section, you will see themes linked with Zombieland. Then there is an indoor area which is all based on Dreamworks animation franchises. Its other part Lionsgate consist of two rides, and they found the themes of Hunger Games film. Visit this remarkable park right now.

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