Mushrif Park , UAE

Let us talk about this Mushrif Park. This park spread on 1300 acre area, and it is a family oriented and family-themed park. This park is present in Dubai, and it is located right on the eastern part of this city of Dubai. This park created in the time of 1980s, and it was this Dubai Municipality that built this park. This park had now widely expanded, and it passed through its refurbishment phase in the time of 1989. Now many changes have taken place and occur in this Mushrif Park.

The entry fee of this spending looking Mushrif Park, it is 10 dirhams. If you want to use their swimming pool, the adults have to pay 10 dirhams, and for the children, swimming pool usage fee is 5 dirhams. It is from the 8:00 am till 11:00 pm that this park remains open.

So check out this Mushrif Park if you are interested in spending some quality time in parks. More of the exciting range of stats are coming on this page related to this one family themed park. Dubai city filled with many parks, and among top-ranked parks, we have this park!

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