Museum of Islamic Art Ghazni

Museum of Islamic Art Ghazni

Museum of Islamic Art Ghazni

The Islamic Art museum is in Ghazni city in the east of Afghanistan in an area called Rauza. It is one of the great Islamic Art museums spread all over the world.

It is situated inside the famous mausoleum of Sultan Abd-al-Razaq built in 1966 and restored. The museum was first made by the Archeological mission of Italy in order to collect the items and artifacts related to the Islamic world and specially Ghaznavid period which represents the culture and civilization of Tamuri.

In the conflicts during civil war and fight with the Soviet Union with many other treasures of Afghanistan the Islamic Art Museum was also affected, in the result of which the rock walls had been broken and roofs got cracks affecting its historical importance.

It had been neglected by the people for many years which brought it to a need of rehabilitation and conservation. In 2008 the Mission of Archeology of Italy announced the project of restoration of this Islamic Art Museum in collaboration with UNESCO.

During this project the Afghanistan’s national museum also took part in setting up a huge exhibition regarding the Islamic art museum and to celebrate its restoration in 2013. By the year 2013 the Islamic Art museum had become the center of all the Islamic arts in Ghazni or even Afghanistan.

This museum does resemble to the great Mughal architecture and links it to the Islamic art monuments in India. This is a tall tower shaped building with dark red paint with the ancient Islamic way of carving very similar to the famous Qutub minar in India.

This museum is preservative of the Afghani’s long history representing their skills in art and other fields influenced by the Ghaznavi rule in the region. The museum contains the artifacts made up of bronze and tiles with many other items.

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