Sultan Masoud Palace



This palace was built in 112 AD. It is situated in Ghazni, major historical city of Afghanistan. The Sultan masoud palace is one of the ancient history representing constructions of the country. It has been in the list of world famous tourist attracting landmarks over years.

It was built for the ruler Mosoud 3rd a prominent king of Afghanistan in the Ghaznavid dynasty. He had been ruling living in this palace thus the Sultan masoud palace is a heritage of the country with a great historical, cultural and administrative importance. Being under the use of the sultan personally as his home the palace is long lasting memory of the era of rule.

During the rule of Sultan it had been used as the court for judging the administrative and political issues, some parts of the palace were used as the headquarters of the army, a special throne room called darbar and offices of the ministers and other members and authorities of the kingdom.

The palace contains a mosque also used for the religious purposes and prayer. Beside this the whole palace is having a number of small beautiful flowers rich gardens which are enhancing the beauty of the building.

The construction of the palace reflects a mix cultural way of Arabic, Persian and Tukic which is very similar to the great Mughal’s construction Taj mahal in India. It is having a big dome in its roof in a shining sky blue color not different from other Islamic buildings.

It is having a deep calligraphy showing the skills and efforts of old Afghan artists. Although the city Ghazni is having a security issue but every year thousands of tourists come here to see this glorious historic piece from the Ghaznavid period so the Sultan Masoud palace has become a way of economic progress and contributing in it a lot.

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