Muztagh Ata – Second Highest Mountain

Muztagh Ata - Second Highest Mountain

Muztagh Ata – Second Highest Mountain

Muztagh Ata is one of the highest mountains in the world. It is in China, Asia connecting to the great Pamir Mountains. People have been considering it among the easiest mountains to climb but history is showing that the first attempts to climb Muztagh Ata were failed continuously in 1894, 1900, 1904 and 1947 due the snow with very hard physical conditions and a route made up of snow.

It is right at the town of Tashkurgan which is close to Pakistan hence the Karakorum highway of Pakistan is also a way to Muztagh Ata. It is having a height of 7,509 and is on the 43rd position in the list of world’s highest mountains. Due to its everlasting ice it is also called the father of Ice Mountains because initially it is a rock which put on ice upward.
It has been a target for climbers and mountaineers who each year reaches the area from different countries to climb it. According to some records the time of June to September is best to climb due to the changing climatic conditions. Camels have been used to carry the loads to Muztagh Ata.

It can be seen clearly from the Karakorum highway of Pakistan. On its front side it is having a beautiful wide plan area full of green grass enhancing the natural beauty of the mountain where the baby horses of the local people of Kashghar roaming in the green ground are adding to the attracting beauty of the mountain.

It is in three step way where first is the green ground after which the brown color small hills are present with a white snow cap after that. There is more than one route to Muztagh Ata from Pakistan, china, Kyrgyzstan but the most using one is through kashghar.

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