Nevsky Prospect, Russia

This Nevsky Prospect, Russia is one of the main street been part of city St. Petersburg, Russia. This main street is named right after 13th-century Russian prince named as Alexander Nevsky. It was planned and formulated by Peter the Great. This road is the beginning road to Novgorod and also Moscow. This avenue runs from  Admiralty and then to Moscow Railway Station.

It was during these early Soviet years, that was from 1918–44 that the name of Nevsky Prospect, Russia got changed to”Proletkult Street” . This name was given in honor of Soviet artistic organization. Then it changed its name for one more time and it was called as “Avenue of the 25th of October,” because of October Revolution. If you are on right side of this main street then then you will find more shopping life and night life.

This Nevsky Prospect, Russia is served by many stations. On this main street, there is a cafe restaurant and in that restaurant, large number of famous writers belonging to 19th century used to visit it, that is why this cafe is known as Literary cafe.  Some of the important sights at this main street includes Kazan Cathedral and Elisseeff emporium as well as Art bookhouse.

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