Novodevichy Convent, Russia

This Novodevichy Convent, Russia is too named as Bogoroditse-Smolensky Monastery. It is the famous cloister of Moscow. Do you know that its name at times translated to be New Maidens’ Monastery, it is true! It is a proclaimed one UNESCO world heritage site. Just unlike other and rest of the Moscow cloisters, this site has remained and retained virtually all intact since time of 17th century.

This Novodevichy Convent, Russia is in the south-western part of town of Moscow. The  territories of this Convent territory have been enclosed with these walls. These territories are surrounded and covered by a park. These walls and park create a buffer zone for this convent. All of its buildings are being surrounded right by a high masonry wall that comes with 12 towers.

This Novodevichy Convent, Russia has its oldest structure and it is the six-pillared and five-domed Smolensky Cathedral. This oldest structure is dedicated to Our Lady of Smolensk. This structure is present between these two entrance gates. This oldest structure ground floor is lofty in its form, it has magisterial proportions and it has been projecting in a central gable mode.

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