Palace of Westminster, England

The meeting place for the House of Commons and too for the House of Lords is this Palace of Westminster. Its other name is House of Parliament. This palace located at the north bank river Thames site. Its name was derived from Westminster Abbey. Its older structure destroyed during the year of 1834 because of fire. And now this old palace has been replaced by a new palace. This palace used because of the ceremonial purpose. It has retained its original status and counts itself a royal residence.

This Palace of Westminster managed by House of Commons and House of Lords committee members. Parliament members have been meeting here since the time of 13th century. In the 1834 year, when a massive fire broke out in this palace then only Westminster Hall and Chapel of St Mary Undercroft as well as Cloisters of St Stephen, Jewel Tower were survived. Architect Charles Barry then reconstructed this palace. In gothic revival style, reconstruction is done.

Augustus Pugin reconstructed the interior site of this palace. In the year 1840, reconstruction of this palace was started and then it lasted for about 30 years. Because of the death of leading architects, reconstruction phase of this palace witnessed so much delay and overrunning cost.

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