Palace Square, Russia

This Palace Square, Russia connects Nevsky Prospekt right with Palace Bridge and then this site leads to Vasilievsky Island. It is in central city square of this St Petersburg that this famous site is located. Many number of significant and historic events took place in this site. If you remember the Bloody Sunday massacre and some of the parts of the October Revolution during time of 1917 then note that these events took place over here. It was between the times of 1918 and 1944 that this site was named as Uritsky Square.

Winter Palace is one of the celebrated buildings of Palace Square, Russia. It was rebuild in years of 1754 and 1762. It was thse Russian Tsars who gave the name to this site. All of its adjacent buildings have bee designed in Neo classical style. This style perfectly match and correlate with rest of the palaces style.

Talking about the southern side of this Palace Square, Russia, it has been designed in an arc shape. It was during 18th century that this southern side of this subjected site was completed. Then the eastern side of this specific site comprise of guard cop head quarters and the western side of it only comprise of Admiralty Square.

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