Russian Museum, Russia

This Russian Museum, Russia was formerly called with the name of Russian Museum of His Imperial Majesty Alexander III. It is one of the largest depositories that belonged to the Russian fine art. This museum is in Saint Petersburg and it is counted as one of the largest museums in this country.

It was on April 13, 1895 that this museum got to establish. Its original one collection comprise of all of the artworks that belong to and taken from this Hermitage museum and also from the Imperial academy of arts. It was right after the time of Russian revolution that large number of private collections were than nationalized and then they got relocated to this Russian Museum, Russia.

The main building of this Russian Museum, Russia is this Mikhailovsky palace. It is one of the splendid and neo classical residences of this Grand Duke Michael Pavlovich. Then some other buildings which are a part of this museum, they are Summer palace of Peter and also Marble palace of Count Orlov. Its current collections will show you the real russian art dates back to time of 12th century.

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