Parque Lage, Brazil

When will this public park be visited by you? We are talking about Parque Lage, Brazil. It is a famous public park and it is present in this Rio de Janeiro city which is located in Jardim Botanico neighborhood and that too at foot side of Corcovado. This public park was previously the residence of an industrialist named as Enrique Lage. He lived on this land along with his wife, his wife was a singer named as Gabriella Besanzoni.

The interior paintings of this Parque Lage, Brazil were done by Salvador Payols Sabate. It was at the time of the 1960s that this land came out as a public park. It consists of thee walking trails. It has too Visual Arts School of Parque Lage. It has a cafe in it which is open to all public and operates by the former mansion. It was during these 1920s times that this former mansion had been remodeled by a famous Italian architect.

This Parque Lage, Brazil was featured in a music video, it was a Snoop Dogg single titled as Beautiful. More info and facts on this mansion cum national public park will be shared.

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