Peter and Paul Fortress, Russia

This Peter and Paul Fortress, Russia, it was one of the first structures which was built in the location of St. Petersburg. It is too the birthplace of this city. This fortress has rich or you can say varied history detailing in it. It was used as a military base. This fortress was once used as a home of government line departments. It was the burial ground for family of Russian Imperial. It was used as a site so that groundbreaking kind of scientific experiments can be carried out. This fortress was as well used as a forbidding jail so that Russia’s  prominent political prisoners can be hold down.

This Peter and Paul Fortress, Russia remained under the authority of St. Petersburg Museum of History. It is a central and prominent visitor attraction site. It is one of the St. Petersburg’s most important and striking buildings. It has so much to give if you will check it out.

This Peter and Paul Fortress, Russia is an important centre when it comes to St. Petersburg urban festivities and traditions. Do you know that daily firing is done  from Naryshkin Bastion during noon time, it is true.

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