VDNKh, Russia

Facts on VDNKh, Russia are here. This Vystavka Dostizheniy Narodnogo Khozyaystva which is also named as VDNKh, it is one of the permanent and general purpose trade show parks. It is too an amusement park which is in Moscow, Russia. It was between years of 1991 and 2014 that it was called as All-Russia Exhibition Centre. You can call it as state joint-stock company.

Three parks are present in it which are served and termed as united park complex. It was on February 17, 1935 that this site was made. Initially this centre was called as All-Union Agricultural Exhibition centre. Talking about existing site of VDNKh, Russia, it is now called as Ostankino Park, it is a country territory that has been recently incorporated right into city limits and this site got its approval in August 1935.

The first one show season of VDNKh, Russia was announced in month of July 1937 but then it got postponed for about one year. Its exhibition area is of 700,000 square metres. There are 82 pavilions in it and each single pavilion are dedicated and all reserved for one single field and industry. There is an Engineering Pavilion, then we have Space Pavilion, Atomic Energy Pavilion, we have People’s Education Pavilion and also Radioelectronics Pavilion and too Soviet Culture Pavilion.

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