Winter Palace, Russia

Here important facts on Winter Palace, Russia are put up. It is situated in Saint Petersburg, Russia. It was from the years of 1732 to 1917 that this palace was the official residence of Russian monarchs. This palace has now become a part of the complex of buildings which are housing thus Hermitage Museum. This palace is located between Palace Embankment and  Palace Square and it is adjacent to the site and location of Peter the Great’s original one winter palace.

Do you know that the present on fourth Winter Palace, it was built and too altered almost continuously and constantly in between the late times of 1730s and 1837. It was once severely and excessively damaged by fire. This palace is present in the shape of an elongated kind of rectangle. Do you know that its principal façade is about 215 metres or you can say 705 ft long. Its height is 30 m (98 ft).

This Winter Palace, Russia has 1,786 doors and 1,945 windows. It has 1,500 rooms and also 117 staircases. Because of a serious fire, it had its rebuilding phase in 1837. Though its exterior side remain unchanged but the maximum part of the interior side had to be redesigned.

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