Piccadilly Circus, England

This Piccadilly Circus, England is a road junction which located in London. It is a public space for the people of London. This site was built in the year of 1819 so that Regent street as well Piccadilly can remain connected right with each other. This site is primarily around in shape space area.

This Piccadilly Circus, England is linked directly with Shaftesbury Avenue, Haymarket Coventry street and too with Glasshouse-street. You can find many entertainment areas and significant in the number of shopping areas near to this site. It has become a prominent traffic junction area. This busy one meeting place has become a favorite and demanding tourist attraction site.

Many of the notable buildings are surrounded by Piccadilly Circus, England. If you want to visit Criterion Theatre and if you’re going to be in London Pavillion then be in this Piccadilly Circus, England site and have quicker access to these buildings. This junction has become one of the busiest traffic interchanging sites. Its station opened on 10th March 1906. So when you will visit and be in this most active junction? Let us know and explore all the buildings which are present near to this junction.

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