Pipa Beach, Brazil

This Pipa Beach, Brazil is the famous beach in Brazil. It is located right next to this city of Natal. It is the capital city of Rio Grande do Norte state. It is on the municipality of this Tibau do Sul that this beach is located. It was in 1626 that this beach was called as Itacoatiara, its meaning is “the painted cliff”, and then it was given the name as Ponta do Cabo Verde, its meaning is”Green Headland”. Now it is called Praia da Pipa, or you call this beach as “Pipa Beach”, its meaning is “Kite Beach”.

This Pipa was once used to be a small in size fishing village until the time of the 1970s. Then this place was further discovered by the group of surfers and also backpackers. This famous beach has crystal-clear waters and white sand on it. For foreign visitors, their favorite beach is Pipa Beach, Brazil.

This Pipa Beach, Brazil is the most cosmopolitan beach too. Though this beach has gained the maximum attention it is facing problems too. It is because of the extreme influx of tourists and visitors and also because of the new dwellers that infrastructure of this beach is not matching up with its popularity scale.

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