Porto da Barra Beach, Brazil

This Porto da Barra Beach, Brazil is present right in the Barra neighborhood, this neighborhood is in the city of Salvador. It is at the entrance of Baía de Todos os Santos that you will see this beach. It has a small and too white in color colonial fort at its one end. t the hillside of this beach, you will see a whitewashed church.

This Porto da Barra Beach, Brazil has clean and calm water in it. It is packed with calm seas. It is the most and top sought after beach for your weekends. It is one of the nice attractions. This beach is located at a point where actually the Atlantic Ocean meets with the Baia de Todos os Santo. To do water sports like if you want to do windsurfing, this beach is best for you.

It is on this Porto da Barra Beach, Brazil that Genovese navigator named as Americo Vespucci, he planted Portuguese possession flag in Brazil in the time of 1501. This beach has an historical importance. It is surrounded by many monuments like the fortress of Santa Maria and fortress of San Diego, the church of Our Lady of Grace, Church of Our Lady of Victory.

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