Tijuca National Park, Brazil

This Tijuca National Park, Brazil is in Rio de Janeiro. Even you should know that Tijuca Forest National Park is one of the main and exciting attractions of Rio. This place is famous as well because it is the home to Corcovado Mountain, the statue of Christ the Redeemer. You can explore this park on foot or if you are using the bicycle. This park is the part of Tijuca Forest and it is not the primary rainforest. It was until the time of mid-19th century that it was given the name of Tijuca Forest National Park.

Tijuca National Park, Brazil has been covered with many sugar plantations and coffee plantations. It was Portuguese King Dom Pedro II who gave these orders that this forest should be replanted so that it can restore in its natural splendor form. This project came out as a spectacular and amazing success.

This Tijuca National Park, Brazil is a famous national park. Here you can do multitude number of outdoor activities, you can do mountain climbing, this activity is a popular choice over here. This park is covered with few of the stone mountains like Pedra Bonita and also Pedra da Gavea and Rio’s highest peak. You can do tandem paragliding over here.

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