Praca Dos Tres Poderes, Brazil

Here important facts related to Praca Dos Tres Poderes, Brazil are shared. It is a well-known plaza which is located in Brasilia. It is the capital of Brazil. This mall name has been derived because of the presence of these three governmental powers which are present right around the plaza. This plaza is home of Executive which is represented right by Palacio do Planalto. You can call it as the presidential office. Then in this plaza, the office of Legislative is represented by Congresso Nacional, it is the office of National Congress, and the third office in this plaza is held by the judiciary.

In this Praca Dos Tres Poderes, Brazil, three of the powers meet on the harmonious basis. It is a tourist attraction site of Brasilia. This plaza is also the home of the largest flag present in the whole world, This flag flow regularly. This Brazilian flag has the weights of 600 kg or you can say 1300 pounds. This flag has never and ever been taken down.

On this Praca Dos Tres Poderes, Brazil, this flag has been changed on a monthly basis and that too in presence of Presidential guard Battalion and Independence dragoons and to the presence of other troops

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