Queen Victoria Market, Australia

Queen Victoria Market is one of the well-known places in Australia that is worth to watch out for. This place is also popularly known by the name of Vic Market or even Queen Market as well. This place is one of the major landmarks inside Australia that is located on top of the area of about seven hectares. The Queen Victoria Market is the largest and hence taken to be one of the intact surviving 19th-century market in the city. It has been hosting with about 3 major levels of markets in which the two of them were demolished in the 1960 namely Western market and Eastern market.

This market has been coming about to be known as one of the best attraction of the tourist’s destinations on top of the social and cultural prospects. It is all the more presenting the visitors straight away from the nineteenth-century street escapes and a working marketplace.

The Meat Hall, of this place, was constructed in 1869. You can visit the market every single day of the week except Mondays and Wednesdays. In the summer season on Wednesday special stalls are arranged as against dining and live bar entertainment.

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