Royal National Park, Australia

The Royal National Park is one of the famous destinations of the Australia place. This place is the form of the protected national park that is situated in the South Wales Area of New Sydney. It is on the whole constructed at the place of almost 150 hectares. After the Yellowstone in the United States, it is taken to be known as one of the first national parks in the world. This park was founded by the Sir John Roberston and was launched in the year 1879.

In the year 2009, this park was made the part of the Australian National Heritage list.  This park has been giving out with the settlement options of Bundeena as well as Audley and also the Maianbar. It was also added to the railway station but then, later on, it was closed down. It does put together the services of the cycling and also then walking trails too plus the wide options of the picnic sites in the whole of the park areas.

Its one of the most popular walk has been the coast walk. This park has been on the extensive level being used for the purposes of the environmental education centers plus the schools and research centers.

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