Saint Basil Cathedral, Russia

This Saint Basil Cathedral, Russia is also known as Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed. It is a famous church which is present Red Square and located in Moscow, Russia. This building, has now taken the form of a museum. It is officially known with name of Cathedral of Intercession of Most Holy Theotokos on Moat. This site cathedral was build in between these years of 1555–61. The original building was named as Trinity Church and then later on it was called as Trinity Cathedral. It comprise of eight churches.

The foundations of this Saint Basil Cathedral, Russia, they were use to be build of this white stone. And the churches are made of red bricks. Its basement level has been perfectly aligned and professional drawing are used in this cathedral. The builders of this site made maximum use of bricks, this brick is a main decorative  medium for Saint Basil cathedral.

This Saint Basil Cathedral, Russia had been decorated with an amazing brickwork pattern. Its domes are painted with the color combinations of white, red, golden. More historical background of this subjected Saint Basil cathedral will be shared

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