Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Note that this Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is a neighborhood. You will find this neighborhood in the city of this Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This neighborhood is located and present on top of the site if Santa Teresa hill. This site is known for its narrow streets. Its winding streets have become the favorite spot for tourist and too for the artists.

This Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil neighborhood, it originates right around the Santa Teresa Convent which was built in the time of 1750s. It was until the time of ending phase of the 19th century and during the phase of early 20th century times that this neighborhood belonged to the upper-class borough. But now it has been revived as one of the fashionable hotspots and this place has become a home for many artists.

It was in the year 1872 that a tramline was built and constructed so that Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil can be connected with Rio de Janeiro. This tram basically ran up on the streets of Rua Almirante Alexandrino and also Rua Joaquim Murtinho.

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