Sao Francisco Church and Convent, Brazil

Here we have church facts for you and it is about Sao Francisco Church and Convent, Brazil. This convent is located in this historical center and site of Salvador. This center is situated in the State of Bahia, Brazil. It is on the adjacent side of this convent that you can also check out another ornate Church which belongs to the Third Order of Saint Francis. It was friars of Franciscan Order who arrived in Salvador during the time of 1587 and then they build this convent.

Construction of this Sao Francisco Church and Convent, Brazil was started in the time of 1686. It was build under the leadership of Father Vicente das Chagas. This convent comprises of a grandiose design and it tool almost decades to get completed with its construction.

The current Sao Francisco Church and Convent, Brazil was build between the years of 1708 and 1723. On the other hand, its interior had been decorated by many of the several professional artists and this interior construction was done during the 18th century. Most of the decoration of this subjected church and convent, it got finished by the time of 1755.

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