Sao Paulo Museum of Art, Brazil

You should visit this Sao Paulo Museum of Art, Brazil. It is a famous art museum and it situated on the Paulista Avenue which is the part of the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Its structure is made of concrete and glass. This concrete and glass structure had been designed by the person Lina Bo Bardi. The main body of this art museum is supported by two of the lateral beams.

This Sao Paulo Museum of Art, Brazil is a landmark piece of this city and it is one of the main symbols with respect to this modern and advanced Brazilian architecture aspect. This museum has been internationally well known and recognized because of its collection of European art. It is one of the finest museums present in Latin America.

This Sao Paulo Museum of Art, Brazil has world largest art libraries in it. This entire range of collection has been named by this Brazil’s Institute of History and Art and Brazilian National Heritage. If you are on tour to Brazil then do checkmark this art museum and visit it in detail. Explore this museum and know the artistic aspect of Brazil.

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