Science Museum, England

This Science Museum, England is one of the major museums in England. It is present and can access by taking the route of Exhibition road. This road is current on South Kensington site. It was in the year 1857 that this museum constructed. It attracts almost 3.3 million visitors on an annual basis. It is all true!

This Science Museum, England does not charge a fee from you. You can visit it free of cost. But if one has to check out and visit its temporary exhibitions, then you will be charged and has to give an entrance fee. It has 300,000 items in it. Some of the major and essential collections present in museum comprise of Stephenson Rocket and also Puffing Billy. This Puffing Billy is the oldest one and surviving one steam locomotive.

This Science Museum, England has placed first jet engine and to one of the earliest steam engines collection. This museum has recently added to IMAX 3D cinema. This cinema shows all documentaries linked with science and nature. Catalog search system which is a part of the Imperial college library is also present in the library section of this museum.

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