St Paul Cathedral, England

St Paul’s Cathedral located in London. It is Anglican cathedral site. This site is a seat for Bishop of London as well as it is a mother church for Diocese of London. It is a grade I listed and marked building. It located at the highest point of London, that is on the Ludgate hill. This cathedral site has now become the most and extreme recognizable sites in London. Its dome dominate the skylines for over a time of 300 years.

This building is of 365 feet tall, that means it is 111 meter in its height. It was used to be the tallest building from the time of 1710 till 1967. Its domes are highest of all in this world. This St Paul’s Cathedral is the second largest one church right after Liverpool Cathedral. When it comes to the national identity of United Kingdom, then this church holds a special place.

The primary services that took place in this church, there were funerals of Admiral Nelson and the funeral of Duke of Wellington. The funeral of Sir Winston Churchill, Baroness Thatcher, their funerals is too conducted over here. It is a working church and charges no fee from the worshippers.

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