Stonehenge, England

This Stonehenge is one of the prehistoric monuments located in Wiltshire England. It is 2 miles away right from the west site of Amesbury. This monument consists of a ring, and this ring made of standing stones. Each of its standing stones is around 13 feet in their height 7 feet in their width. Every single stone weighs around and almost 25 tons.

Archaeologists believe that this Stonehenge was constructed during the time of 3000 BC to the time of 2000 BC. But its real and actual construction date is not known yet. This monument marked as one of the famous landmark sites present in the United Kingdom. It included in the list of British cultural iconic sites. This monument remains protected since the year of 1882. This site and all of its surroundings are covered and added up to UNESCO world heritage site lists.

This English heritage manages this site. Crown owns it and its surrounding land and property are owned and operated by the National Trust. Its deposits consist of human bones. More info on Stonehenge will share sooner.

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