Ski Dubai , UAE

This Ski Dubai is one of the famous indoor ski resorts. It is spread on 22500 square meter area. This site is mainly and officially the part of Mall of the Emirates. This mall is the most significant shopping world in this whole world. So talking about the facts of this site, it was opened in the year of 2005, and it has 85-meter indoor mountain site that packed with five slopes. It has 400 meters long run in it.

This Ski Dubai consists of the indoor black diamond run, and it is the world first one field which is ever made! You should try its quad lift and too tow lift. These lifts carry these skiers in them as well as snowboarders. Kids much love its snow park play. In this snow park, you will find many ice body slides and climbing towers.

This Ski site packed ice caves and giant snowballs. The number of beautiful penguins is present in this Ski Dubai site. This site has awarded The Outstanding achievement award, and Themed Entertainment Association gave this award. When you will visit this site which is filled with so many surprises!

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