The Dubai Fountain , UAE

The Dubai Fountain is hence the world most extensive one fountain system, you can call it as a choreographed sort of fountain system. It is in the 30-acre area that this fountain system is spread! Do you know that it is on this human-made Burj Khalifa lake that this fountain system is set up, it is true! WET design designed this fountain.

The Dubai Fountain has been illuminated by these 6600 lights as well as 25 colored projectors. These colored projectors can shoot water up to the range of 500 feet. By visiting this site, you can feel the taste of world music and too Arabic music. It is on the cost of 800 million dollars that this fountain system was build up.

This fountain can spray about 22000 gallons of water. Installation of 6600 lights and to induction of 25 colored projectors makes this fountain site the more appealing one. This Dubai Fountain also comprises of the large number of high-pressure water jets, shooters. You will see water robots over there. Animated performances are a part of this fountain system. So if you want to see beautiful fountain in Dubai then you should visit this beautiful location.

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