Sparrow Hills, Russia

These Sparrow Hills, Russia were previously called as Lenin hills between the time of 1935 and 1999. This hill is located on the right bank of Moskva River and it is one of the highest points so far in Moscow. It reaches to the height of 220 m or you can say 60–70 m right above the river level.

To catch a panaromic view from Sparrow Hills, Russia, you have to be on its observation platform. That means you have to be on the steep bank 85 m above the river, or  you ca be 200 m above sea level. It has Luzhiki stadium on it, it was formerly called as with the name of Lenin stadium. It is on this stadium that opening as well as closing ceremonies of Summer olympics 1980 took place.

If you are at Sparrow Hills, Russia, then you should check Luzhniki metro bridge. It is a two level kind of metro bridge that mainly traverses this river and link, connect Komsomolsky Prospekt right with Vernadsky Prospekt. So if these facts attract you then you should visit these hills and explore more of their beauty. Stay tuned and explore this world.

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