Vasilyevsky Island, Russia

This Vasilyevsky Island, Russia is in St. Petersburg, Russia. It has been bordered by Bolshaya Neva and also Malaya Neva Rivers which are at the south side and northeast of it. This island is attached with the border of Gulf of Finland too which is at the west side. It is separated from this Dekabristov Island all because of Smolenka River.  On a geographical basis, this island is composed of two parts. Its south as well as east sides are old. Both of these sides comprise of buildings date from 19th century.

This Vasilyevsky Island, Russia southern embankment, it has oldest buildings in it. Its easternmost tip, it is called as Strelka and it has number of museums in it. This island gives academic opportunities and a home of various industries. This island is packed with well-developed and flourished industries and too factories. It has shipbuilding industries in it.

This Vasilyevsky Island, Russia has metal processing factories and optic fiber production factories in it. This island has its industrial bakery. So check this island for once and see how hugely it has been flourished and faced progress in less years.

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