Tower Bridge, England

This Tower Bridge, England is a combined in form bascule as well as act as a suspension bridge present in London. It was built between the times and years of 1886 until the time of 1894. This bridge mainly and primarily crosses this River Thames and then reaches in closer to the Tower of London. This bridge has become one of the iconic symbols of the city of London. This bridge is one of those five bridges which are managed and too owned by Bridge house estates.

This Tower Bridge, England is the only bridge that makes a connection between the city of London with its Southwark bank. It comprises of two bridge towers, and both of these bridge towers have been tired together with the help of two horizontal in form walkways. All operating machinery of this Tower Bridge, England is being housed precisely at the base of this tower. It was restored in the year of 2010.

It was in 1977 that this Tower Bridge, England was painted with red, blue and white color so that Queen Elizabeth silver jubilee can be marked and celebrated. And now the colors of this bridge have been restored with blue and white shades.

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