Tower of London, England

This Tower of London is a historic castle which located at the north bank site of River Thames. This tower lay and situated right on the premises of London Borough of Tower Hamlets. This tower founded during the end year of 1066. It was from 1100 until the time of 1952 that this tower served the purpose to be used as a prison.

This tower is composed of involved in the number of several bunches of buildings. This subjected tower saw and witness many phases regarding its expansion. It was during the reigns of King Richard the Lionheart, King Henry III, and King Edward I that significant expansions occurred in this tower.

A prominent role has been played by this tower to enhance the phase of English history. This tower has served many purposes as it used as the public record office, it was a home of Royal Mint. It has become a popular tourist attraction site. It is cared and managed by Historic Royal Palaces, and this World heritage site forum also protects it. More details and important stats on Tower of London, England is coming up.

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