Trafalgar Square, England

Here facts on Trafalgar Square, England are put up. It is a public square, and it is present in this city of Westminster. This site has been built right around this Charing cross area. It was from the battle of Trafalgar that the name of this site has been originated. This battle gave British naval forces a massive victory against France and Spain. This battle took place in 1805.

This Trafalgar Square, England has become a significant and vital landmark site. It is since the 13th century that this site established. John Nash redeveloped this site. After his death, slow progress then noticed. It was until the time of 1844 that this site not opened until it completely developed.

At the center of Trafalgar Square, England, you can view Nelson Column, this column has been guarded and protected by four lion statues. Many of the famous sculptures as well as commemorative statues are the part of this square. It is mainly for these community gatherings that this square is commonly used. This square used for political demonstrations. To commence annual celebrations to mark this New Year Eve, one can utilize this site.

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