Windsor Castle, England

This Windsor Castle marked as a royal residence. It located in Windsor. This castle scored the most extended association right with English as well as with British royal family. The original one castle built in the time of 11th century. It was right after Norman invasion that this castle construction came into view. During the reign of Henry, this castle mainly used by the reigning monarch. Since Henry, I reign, this subjected castle came out to be the longest one occupied palace so far in Europe.

It was right in this castle that Henry I further built a luxurious royal castle in it. Then Edward III also gave a luxurious look to this castle. He constructed grander and more significant set of buildings in this castle. It has now become a secular building in England.

This castle managed to survive its state during English civil war time. During that civil war, it was used as military headquarters right by these parliamentary forces. During these Luftwaffe bombing campaigns, this castle was used and serve the primary purpose as a refuge. It also survived afire during the 1992 year. It has become a famous venue when it comes to hosting state visits.

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