Yorkshire Dales, England

Here we have brief or short information for the readers about popular and famous Yorkshire Dales, England. It is a beautiful national park which situated in northern England site. This national park surrounded or covered by square miles of valleys as well as hills and also villages. Its Malham village has a towering cliff on it. It is a historic country and this beautiful national park was created and made in the 1954 year.

This Yorkshire Dales, England comprise or consists of many river valleys and to hills. Its extensive or wide range of limestone cave systems has become one of the significant areas for caving in the United Kingdom. This word dale has derived from the English word.

The upper reaches of beautiful Yorkshire Dales, England have scenic or beautiful value in them. These upper reaches includes or possess many rural sites in it. This park spread to the location of North, and then its spa towns settle at Settle site. One can quickly characterize the beauty of this site. These dry-stone walls separate its upland pastures, and cattle and sheep graze these pastures. Its cave systems work on three counties system, and this system makes Dale an essential area for caving.

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