Mamayev Kurgan, Russia

This Mamayev Kurgan, Russia is one of the dominant heights that have been overlooking this city of Volgograd. This city was formerly called as Stalingrad and it is present in Southern Russia. This subjected formation has been dominated and marked by a famous memorial complex which was commemorating Battle of Stalingrad, happened during August 1942 till February 1943.

This Mamayev Kurgan, Russia, it is the tallest and highest sculpture of a woman in whole world. It was exactly after war that these  Soviet authorities started off and commissioned this enormous and tallest Mamayev Kurgan memorial looking complex. Note that this monumental memorial, it was constructed between times of 1959 and 1967.It had bee crowned by allegorical statue.

This Mamayev Kurgan, Russia, it comprise of concrete sculpture and it is 52 metres tall. It is 85 metres right from the feet and then reaches to the tip of that 27-metre sword. This sculpture is dominating skyline of city Stalingrad. During its construction, concrete was used. When you people are going to check this sculpture of a woman! We are sure women are going to praise this sculpture because there is a lot of winning history at the back end of this sculpture construction.


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