Phillip Island, Australia

Phillip Island is known out to be one of the most well known Australian islands that is about 140 km located to the Southeast of the Melbourne, Victoria. This place has been named as after the Philip Anderson who was the Governor of South Wales. It is 26 km (16 mi) long and 9 km (5.6 mi) wide, all through the coverage of the area of about 100 km2 (40 sq mi). It has 97 km (60 mi) of coastline. This place has been all put together with the just preservation of the Island’s supply of water.

In the year 1839, this place witnessed with the water for the very first time that was found as by digging in the center of a clump of bushes on top of the outer part of the point at the N.E. extremity of the island. But the water reservation of this island was later on questioned as addressed, by Captain Moore.

With so much of the criticism around, this place has acquired itself coming out to be one of the most worth considering places to watch out in the Australia that is so remarkable and beautiful to look around.

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