Port Jackson, Australia

Port Jackson is one of the famous places that is located in Australia. This place has been made breath-taking to view out as because of the water that is all consisted of the Sydney Harbour.  This place has always made itself come about to be one of the worthy places in the history and development of Sydney. It does take into account with so many of the recreational activities too.

The waterways by the side of the Port Jackson has been all managed by the Roads & Maritime Services. Sydney Harbour National Park has been on the whole stay back as the protection of so many of the islands and foreshore areas, all along with the swimming spots, bushwalking tracks, and picnic areas

This place is about 19 km long with an area of 55 km2. The estuary’s volume at high tide is counted to be 562 million cubic meters. The perimeter of the estuary is about 317 kilometers. It is basically known as the harbor that has comprised out of all kinds of the water just as within the imaginary line joining North Head and South Head. Within this harbor, it does even lie North Harbour, as well as Middle Harbour and Sydney Harbour too.

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